I Can Walk Without Pain


A chiropractor in Cary NC got me on my feet again and I couldn’t be happier. Visiting the chiropractor was the last thing I did in a long list of attempts to get my leg back in working order after living through a fairly serious automobile accident. It’s a wonder I even survived, which I think happened to an air bag and the fact that I was wearing my seat belt. Without that I fear I wouldn’t be here to worry about leg pain. Fortunately I am alive, but it meant a long path back to recovery.

Knowing what I know now, I should have went to the chiropractor immediately. After the accident I thought I would let the doctors handle it. Surely they know exactly what is required to get rid of leg pain due to an injury. I’m sad to report they apparently know nothing about it. After trying a surgery and months of pain pills, which resulted in an addiction that took months to beat, I was no closer to returning to normal than before. I even tried exercise on my own, but the pain just got worse and worse to the point where I started using a walker around the house.

By the time a friend suggested I visit a chiropractor, I was at the end of my rope. I made an appointment and the chiropractor looked up one side and down the other and smiled. For some reason that smile filled me with more hope than I’ve felt in ages. He said he absolutely could help and scheduled some appointments. He pulled on this and stretched that and almost immediately I felt profound relief. Subsequent appointments have reduced the pain to a shadow of its former self. Now I’m walking and even driving again all on my own!